Welcome to the home of Software Business Models!

The importance of business models has increased significantly. In this light, we passionately analyze the characteristics of business models and their impact on firm and MäA performance. Over the past four years we have conducted profound scientific analyses and developed results that provide key insights for successful business models:

  • A Business Model Wizard supporting the configuration and management of business models
  • A business model reference data base containing more than 1000 software business models (see data collection in our Software Industry Survey
  • A vast set of statistical analyses emphasizing the impact of business models on firm and M&A performance

The results are particularly relevant to:

  • Software firm decision makers
  • Industry analysts, consultants, software procurement managers
  • Investors and venture capitals

New publication:

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We are grateful to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for funding major parts of our research during the Software-Cluster research project.